Friday, January 15, 2010

Dialogue Workout "B" Present Simple Tense

"Blue Mountain" by Wassily Kandinsky

A: My name is Thelma. What’s yours?
B: I’m Robert, but my friends call me Bob.
A: Hi, Bob. What book is that?
B: This is Side by Side Book Two.
A: Is it the book for this Level Three Class?
B: Yes, it is. It isn’t too expensive. It’s a good book.

A: Do you go to work after class?
B: No, I don’t, but I need a job. I ‘m a painter.
A: I’m a sales clerk. I work until 5:00 pm.
B: That’s interesting. Do you have a lot of customers?
A: Yes, we do. We have a lot of good clothing.
B: I want a part time job. I want to learn more English.

A: What days do you work?
B: I work three days a week. It’s a part time job.
A: My brother is a cook. He has a pretty good job.
B: Where does he work?
A: He works downtown. His restaurant is on Market Street
B: I never go downtown. I work in Daly City.

A: Are you married?
B: Yes, I am. My wife works as a waitress.
A: Does she study English too?
B: Yes, she does. She goes to night class.
A: Do you have any children?
B: We have one son. We want another child.

A: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
B: Yes, I do. I come from a large family.
A: Really? How many brothers or sisters do you have?
B: I have two brothers and eight sisters.
A: Wow. You certainly have a large family.
B: Most of them are here in the U.S. They live in different parts of the country.

A: Do any of your sisters live in San Francisco?
B: Yes, my sister Sylvia lives here. She studies at City College.
A: Does she speak English?
B: Yes, she does. She speaks English very well.
A: Does she speak any other languages?
B: She speaks a little French too. She took a French class last year.

A: She’s married and has two daughters.
B: How old are they?
A: They are twelve and thirteen.
B: Do they go to school?
A: Yes. They both go to Horace Mann Middle School.
B: Do her children like school?

A: They like school very much. They have excellent teachers.
B: What do they usually do on weekends?
A: They like to visit their uncle. He has a big TV.
B: My sister has three kids. They don’t go to school. They’re too young..
A: Does she work?
B: What do you mean? She has three kids. She’s a full time mother.

A: How far do you live from this campus?
B: I live about two miles from here. I have to take the bus. How about you?
A: I only live a few blocks from Mission Campus. I usually walk unless it rains.
B: The bus is slow. Sometimes I wait a long time.
A: My friend Jose drives to school.
B: That’s convenient.
A: Not always. It’s difficult to find a parking space.

A: I try to eat well and get exercise.
B: You look healthy.
A: I walk a lot, and I also ride my bicycle when I can.
B: I try to exercise, but I don’t always have time.
A: A little exercise is good for you.
B: I enjoy swimming and playing tennis.

A: Does this class meet Monday to Friday?
B: Yes, it does. This is a morning class. The afternoon classes don’t meet on Friday.
A: Do the evening classes meet on Friday?
B: No, they don’t. They only meet Monday to Thursday nights.
A: My husband works in the morning. He needs an evening class.


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