Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dialogue Workout 34

A: I tried to call you yesterday.
B: You did? I’m sorry I missed your call.
A: I left a message on your machine.
B: I was out of town. I got home late last night.
A: So you didn’t listen to your messages.
B: No, I didn’t.
A: Where did you go?
B: I went to Lake Tahoe for the weekend.
A: Where did you stay?
B: My cousin and I rented a cabin.
A: Did you have a good time?
B: Yes, we did. We had a great time.
A: Steve called me yesterday, but I wasn’t home.
B: Did he leave a message on your machine?
A: Yes, he did. But I didn’t listen to it..
B: How late did you get home last night?
A: I got home at 12:00. I went to bed right away.
B: That’s why you didn’t listen to your messages.
A: I got home late Sunday night, around 12:00.
B: What time did you have to get up on Monday?
A: I had to get up at 6:00.
B: You didn’t get enough sleep.
A: No, I didn’t. I was tired all day.
B: Next time, you should come home earlier.
A: How was the weather in Lake Tahoe?
B: It was cold, but it was beautiful.
A: What did you do? Did you go skiing?
B: No, we didn’t. There wasn’t enough snow.
A: Did you go camping?
B: No, we didn’t. My cousin and I rented a cabin.
A: During the day, we went hiking.
B: What did you do at night?
A: At night, we went to Reno. It’s nearby.
B: What did you do in Reno?
A: We gambled a little, then we went to a show.
B: Did you enjoy the show?
A: We heard a famous singer. I forgot his name.
B: I had a nice weekend.
A: Where did you go for the weekend?
B: I didn’t go anywhere. I stayed home.
A: Did you relax?
B: I relaxed a little, then I worked in the garden.
A: I didn’t go anywhere because I worked on Saturday.
B: Do you work every Saturday?
A: Yes, I do. I work in a restaurant.
B: Most of your business happens on Saturday.
A: That’s right. Saturday night is our busiest time.
B: When is your day off?
A: I don’t work on Tuesday. It’s my day off.
B: Did you do anything special last Tuesday?
A: I stayed home and did some laundry.
B: My day off is Thursday. I work in a restaurant too.
A: Did you do anything special last Thursday?
B: Yes. I took my kids to the zoo after school.
A: Maria took her kids shopping on her day off.
B: Did her kids need new clothes?
A: Her son needed a couple of shirts.
B: And what about her daughter?
A: Her daughter needed a skirt and a book bag.
B: I hope she found what they needed

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