Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 32

A: There was a fire in our building yesterday.
B: A fire? What did you do?
A:We smelled smoke and left the building quickly.
B: Are your children all right?
A: Yes. They’re fine. Everybody got out in time.
B: I’m glad nobody was hurt.
A: The firemen came right away.
B: That’s good. Did somebody call 911?
A: Yes. My next door neighbor called 911 fast.
B: Was there much damage in the building?
A: No. The firemen put out the fire very quickly.
B: I’m glad you didn’t lose your furniture.
A: There was a robbery in my building yesterday.
B: A robbery? Did the policemen come quickly?
A: No. Nobody called 911. Nobody was home.
B: Nobody was home? Where were you:?
A: I was at the movies. Maria wasn’t home either.
B: She wasn’t? Where was Maria?
A: She was at the doctor’s office.
B: Mr. and Mrs. Blue weren’t home either?
A: No, they weren’t. They were at the restaurant.
B: Where were the college students in Number 5?
A: They were at the baseball game.
B: I’m sorry nobody caught the burglar.
A: The police arrested a man in front of my house.
B: They arrested a man? What did he do?
A: He tried to sell drugs to a teenager.
B: I’m glad the police arrested that drug dealer.
A: I am too. There are too many drug dealers.
B: I agree. Our neighborhood isn’t very safe.
A: Did you feel the earthquake yesterday?
B: Was there an earthquake in the city yesterday?
A: Yes, there was. You didn’t feel it?
B: No, I didn’t. I was out of town.
A: Fortunately, there wasn’t much damage.
B: I guess it wasn’t a very big earthquake.
A: Did you hear about the flood?
B: No, I didn’t. What happened?
A: There was a flood in Merced yesterday.
B: Oh, no. I hope nobody was injured.
A: No, nobody was injured. But some houses were damaged.
B: I’m sorry to hear that.
A: Be careful. Don’t walk there.
B: I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you. Please, repeat that.
A: Be careful. Don’t walk there. The floor is wet.
B: The floor is wet?
A: Very wet. I just mopped it.You might slip.
B: Oh, I see. Thanks for the warning.
A: I saw a traffic accident yesterday.
B: A traffic accident? Where was it?
A: The accident was at 22nd and Valencia.
B: What happened?
A: A man in a blue car drove through a red light.
B: That’s terrible. He’s not a good driver.
A: A woman in a truck hit his car.
B: Oh, that’s awful. He didn’t stop for the red light.
A: And the woman drove too fast.
B: I hope nobody was hurt.
A: The woman wasn’t hurt. The man only got a bruise. They were very lucky.

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