Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 33

A: There will be a neighborhood meeting tonight.
B: Oh, good. I’ll be there. What are we discussing?
A: We’re discussing some neighborhood problems
B: There are quite a few problems.
A: Yes, there are. Last night a man was arrested.
B: Yes, I heard he was a drug dealer.
A: There are other problems in our neighborhood.
B: What are they?
A: People drive too fast. It’s dangerous for children.
B: That’s right. There should be more stop signs.
A: Yes. The intersections aren’t safe.
B: Last week I saw a traffic accident.
A: There aren’t enough police in this part of town.
B: That’s true. We need more police.
A: Crime is a problem in our neighborhood.
B: If there are more police, there won’t be so much crime
A: I’m glad we’re having this meeting.
B: The neighbors can work together.
A: If we work together, we can solve problems.
B: Parking is another problem.
A: There aren’t enough parking spaces.
B: We should have residential parking stickers.
A: We live here.There should be parking for us.
B: Also, they should tow away abandoned cars.
A: Noise is a problem in our neighborhood.
B: Some people play their stereo too loudly.
A: When they play loud music late, I can’t sleep.
B: Somebody played loud music last night.
A: I heard that noise. I called the police.
B: You did? Did they come?
A: Last week, somebody parked in front of my driveway.
B: What did you do? Did you call the police?
A: Yes. I called the police.
B: Did you give them the license number ?
A: Yes, I did. The police came about an hour later.
B: Did they tow the car away?
A: Welcome to the neighbor meeting.
B: I have a question before we begin.
A: Yes? What’s your question?
B: Can we have a meeting once a month?
A: I think everybody wants to have more meetings.
B: Good. I think these meetings are necessary.
A: They are necessary and important.
B: I suggest we form a neighborhood association.
A: I like your suggestion. Does everyone agree?
B: Everybody thinks it’s a good idea.
A: We have a lot of problems in our neighborhood.
B: If we work together, we can solve them.
A: Did you go to the meeting last night?
B: Yes, I did. Most of the neighbors attended.
A: I’m sorry I couldn’t go. I had to work late.
B: It was a very interesting meeting.
A: What problems did the neighbors discuss?
B: We discussed crime, parking, drugs, and noise.
A: I’m glad the neighborhood meeting was good.
B: We decided to make a neighborhood association.
A: Wonderful. Who will be the chair person?
B: Nobody wanted to be the chair person so ...
A: Don’t tell me! You volunteered. Congratulations.
B: I hope I will be a good chair person.

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